Women of Color in sales to your organization


Create programming with Sistas In Sales, to highlight your commitment to diversity & inclusion


Through networking events, women from Sistas In Sales can meet your team and Employee Resource Groups, marking the beginning of a great relationship

Sistas In Sales is seeking business partners, committed to diversity, who are looking for experienced, diverse women sales professionals to join their teams. If that describes you, you’re in the right place.

For more information download the 2021 SIS Partner Guide here.

 See 10 Reasons below to learn why Sistas In Sales is the right partner for you.

1. Deviate From Existing Recruitment Practices Shift your sales diversity recruiting strategy and hire the best people. Improve your gender and racial diversity pipeline with a strategy that has a clear ROI. (See the Pandora Case Study)

2. Create a Diverse Talent Pipeline Grow a salesforce that mirrors the diversity (racial, ethnic, gender, and age) of your customers.

3. Attract WOC Sales Professionals Reach a community of more talented women than you will not find on any hiring platform.

4. Improve the Candidate Journey Save money on ad spend and improve the experience for diverse candidates by engaging directly with candidates and bypassing third-party job boards.

5. Excite Candidates With Compelling Stories Demonstrate authenticity, company values, and opportunities for career growth by spotlighting current diverse employees at your office. WoC want to see what it’s really like working for your company and why employees enjoy working for you.

6. Play the Long Game: There will be multiple potential candidates for every event. Engage would-be candidates by connecting with them 1:1. The events provide an opportunity for your Employee Resource Groups members to be ambassadors for your brand and promote you as an employer of choice.

7. Tailor Candidate Experience Feature local employees and office tours to bring the culture of your regional offices to life.

8. Utilize Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) Promote ERGs prominently during the events. Talk to interested candidates about ERGs and the benefits they bring — partner with diverse leaders from around your organization to spread awareness. The more candidates know about and engage with your ERGs, the more likely they’ll share those positive experiences with their networks.

9. Keep your diverse sales talent longer Show them you care about their careers. Invest in ongoing training opportunities tailored for diverse employees to develop new, and hone existing skills

10. Retain Employees by Investing in Them Training increases employee engagement, improves teamwork and productivity.