Bringing women of colour together to connect, support, and thrive worldwide.

Our vision

At Sistas in Sales International, our vision is to create the largest global community for women of color in sales. In 2024, we are committed to expanding our network to reach 1,000 members and 20 founding partners. Our goal is to make it easier for women of color to connect, support one another, and thrive in their sales careers. We plan to amplify our presence by targeting cities and regions worldwide where sales roles are experiencing significant growth. By collaborating with forward-thinking companies that prioritize diversity and inclusion, we aim to create more opportunities and foster a strong, supportive community for our members.

Countries and growing

a word from our Head of Intl. Partnerships

Having spent 16 years in sales, I have experienced firsthand the profound sense of isolation that comes from being one of the very few women of color in the industry.

Over more than a decade, I worked alongside only two other women of color—both wonderful Asian women—but never encountered any African or Caribbean women in similar roles. I’ve never had leadership that looked like me, which often left me feeling left out and unsupported. Sistas in Sales provides me with the opportunity to change this narrative, ensuring that no more “little Hannah’s” feel isolated in their professional journeys. My mission is to create a more inclusive and supportive environment where women of color in sales can thrive, connect, and see themselves represented at all levels.

Hannah Ajikawo

Head of International Partnerships