“Chantel George created Sistas in Sales because she noticed a deficiency when it came to women of color in professional sales positions. She recognized due to lack of education around how lucrative sales could be, in addition to women of color not being able to get their foot in the door. She’s looking to change that with her organization. Sistas In Sales believes there is power in numbers and by connecting women of color in sales positions all over the country together we are changing the narrative and highlighting a successful career track within sales.”

Chantel George, CEO & Founder

Ever since I was young, I’ve always been selling, but I never predicted I would end up being a professional salesperson. From selling piano lessons to the neighborhood kids, to movie tickets as a teen to now, technology to the Fortune 500 -- I’ve come a long way and I’ve learned a few things….

Observation #1

Sales is a white male-dominated industry.

Observation #2

The sales track is underserved by women.

Observation #3

The higher you move up the corporate ladder, the fewer women you see and it’s even worse for WOC.

Observation #4

I was never taught about how much money I could make in this career and the advantages that come with being a confident and successful saleswoman.

The result... Sistas In Sales, Incorporated!

Cherilynn Castleman, MBA, Chief Learning Officer

Cherilyn Castleman is the Managing Partner and Founder of CGI, a coaching, consulting and training firm specializing in executive coaching, sales training, and leadership development. As a sales coach and internationally renowned sales expert, Cherilynn teaches clients how to develop highly effective growth strategies and innovative go-to-market models to increase sales productivity and drive revenue. For over 20 years, Cherilynn has been helping forward-thinking executives, sales professionals, and small business leaders solve their toughest sales, leadership, and culture challenges. Her training and insights equip members of the Sistas In Sales organization with the skills and knowledge they need to master executive sales, unlock potential, and maximize performance.
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Jamilla Pipersburg, Head of Membership

Jamilla Pipersburg is the CEO and Founder of Realm Concept Market, an eco-luxury brand specializing in 100% organic, cruelty-free, chemical free goods for hair, skin and nails. Previously, Jamilla held senior-level sales positions at companies such as EMX Digital, TrustX and Business Insider. Her professional background lays in Adtech sales - specializing in programmatic and indirect media sales. Jamilla’s passion is to uplift and promote women in intrapreneurship and entrepreneurship roles.