Associate Value Engineer (BENELUX) – Orbit Program

Associate Value Engineer (BENELUX) – Orbit Program

Early Careers

Job Description

We’re Celonis, the global leader in Process Mining technology and one of the world’s fastest-growing SaaS firms. We believe there is a massive opportunity to unlock productivity by placing data and intelligence at the core of business processes – and for that, we need you to join us.

Location: Madrid, with the view to relocate to Amsterdam after two years.

The Team

Our Value Engineers (VE) are the trusted advisor for customers and work on the intersection of technology and business. Value Engineers partner with sales and customers to create compelling solutions to critical business problems. A great VE understands the customer, the technology, and the sales cycle making it what may be the most interesting, challenging, and fulfilling role in enterprise technology sales.

You will be joining the Global VE Center of Excellence which is an international, diverse, and dynamic organization at the core of the Celonis Value Engineering team. As a team, we enjoy working in a fast-paced environment and share a sense of belonging to a community that wants to learn and grow together. The team culture is one based on building trust, continuous development, and improvement through coaching & mentoring. You will be reporting to the Manager Value Engineering Graduate Program.

Job Responsibilities

Talented individuals launch their careers in the enterprise software world by joining the Orbit Graduate Program as an Associate Value Engineer.

The 12-month program is a unique experience to fast start your Value Engineering career that highlights hands-on learning, mentorship, and a team culture where we rely on each other to learn, grow and achieve. The program is designed to develop essential VE skills & competencies and establish strong lasting relationships allowing you to grow your career at Celonis.

Your journey will start with onboarding & enablement to develop your business and Celonis skills through a combination of hands-on experience in customer engagements and different pieces of training which cover amongst others the Celonis EMS, domain knowledge, presentation & demo skills, discovery & objection handling as well as value selling. After your first 12-month you’ll be ready to turn your full focus to the Benelux territory, to complete your 2yr Orbit Program in Madrid. On completion of the 2 yr program you can choose to move to back to the Benelux region, specifically Amsterdam or remain in Madrid.

The work you’ll do:

  • Work as part of the Benelux Value Engineering team on customer engagements
  • Collaborate with customers to uncover their core business challenges and determine how Celonis EMS can help them achieve their business objectives
  • Execute proof projects showcasing the value of Celonis EMS in the context of our customers’ strategy,  business initiatives, and challenges
  • Collaborate with customers and partners to design and build solutions in the Celonis EMS that drive value realization and ensure a positive return on investment
  • Frame the strategic and quantitative business value Celonis will bring to our customers’ organization and deliver presentations to senior executives that outline the opportunity, product solution, and business case to drive investment decisions
  • Build strong relationships with our customers by winning their trust through technical, product expertise, and business acumen to act as a trusted advisor.
  • Collaborate and share customer insights & feedback with internal Product and Engineering teams to influence product innovation
  • Create re-usable collateral, best practices & tools within the Global VE Center of Excellence and feed them back to the regional Value Engineering team

The qualifications you need:

We are looking for people who enjoy solving problems, think outside the box, and are not afraid to make and learn from mistakes. You have a masters degree level in the field of Technology & Management, Business Informatics, Information-oriented Business Administration, Computer Science, and Mathematics or a comparable degree program as well as work/internship experience. You’re curious, self-motivated, enjoy continuous learning, and you want to work in a lively environment characterized by high growth.

You are successful as an Associate Value Engineer if you:

  • Have a passion for technology & big data and the impact it can have on the world
  • Have a hunger to learn new technologies; knowledge or hands-on experience in SQL. Python is a plus
  • Are able to think analytically and creatively, especially in applying technology solutions to core business problems
  • Are focused on creating and adding value for customers
  • Have an entrepreneurial mindset and the ability to multi-task, prioritize and execute
  • Are able to build relationships with senior management and influence decision-makers
  • Are confident to present to C-level executives and larger audiences
  • Are an effective communicator and fluent in English and Dutch or French.

What Celonis can offer you:

  • The unique opportunity to work with industry-leading process mining technology
  • Investment in your personal growth and skill development (clear career paths, internal mobility opportunities, L&D platform, mentorships, and more)
  • Great compensation and benefits packages (equity (restricted stock units), life insurance, time off, generous leave for new parents from day one, and more)
  • Physical and mental well-being support (subsidized gym membership, access to counseling, virtual events on well-being topics, and more)
  • A global and growing team of Celonauts from diverse backgrounds to learn from and work with
  • An open-minded culture with innovative, autonomous teams
  • Business Resource Groups to help you feel connected, valued and seen (Black@Celonis, Women@Celonis, Parents@Celonis, Pride@Celonis, Resilience@Celonis, and more)
  • A clear set of company values that guide everything we do: Live for Customer Value, The Best Team Wins, We Own It, and Earth Is Our Future

About Us

Since 2011, Celonis has helped thousands of the world’s largest and most valued companies deliver immediate cash impact, radically improve customer experience and reduce carbon emissions. Its Process Intelligence platform uses industry-leading process mining technology and AI to present companies with a living digital twin of their end-to-end processes. For the first time, everyone in an organisation has a common language about how the business works, visibility into where value is hidden and the ability to capture it. Celonis is headquartered in Munich (Germany) and New York (USA) and has more than 20 offices worldwide.

Join us as we make processes work for people, companies and the planet.

Celonis is an equal opportunity employer. We celebrate diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all employees. Different makes us better.


  • 101-200 Employees

11:45 AM - 02:00 PM

Leadership Workshop: Divergent Strategies for Revenue Challenges with Revenue Funnel

Workshop Session

Understanding and Analysis: 

Participants will be able to take a multi-perspective approach to analyzing the top challenges faced by revenue leaders today.

Application & Synthesis

Participants will apply divergent thinking techniques to brainstorm creative solutions to the identified challenges, and synthesize these ideas into refined strategies that could be implemented in real-world context.


Hannah Ajikawo

CEO & Founder, Revenue Funnel

02:30 PM - 03:00 PM

Starting Your Sales Consultancy the Right Way

Growth mindset Session

This session will provide emerging sales consultants with a roadmap for getting their independent practice off the ground. Experts will share guidance on structuring a consultancy, identifying niche expertise, onboarding clients, pricing services, and building a personal brand. Attendees will gain insights into legal and financial considerations, growth strategies, and work-life balance as a solopreneur. The session will equip new consultants to establish credibility, deliver results, and cultivate a thriving sales advisory firm.

Learning Objectives :

  • Learn how to effectively structure and position a sales consultancy
  • Understand techniques for identifying target clientele and niche expertise
  • Gain tactics for attracting clients and pricing services competitively
  • Discover best practices for managing finances, time, and legal aspects
  • Leave with actionable steps to launch a sales consulting practice built for growth
image (2)-modified

Aisha Mootry

Director of Client Partners, Spotify

01:15 PM - 02:15 PM

Leaning into Sisterhood: The Power of Communal Goals

Panel Session

This empowering workshop will explore strategies for women to support each other in pursuing ambitious career goals through a sense of community and collaboration. Facilitators will lead visioning exercises for clarifying goals and identifying resources needed from one’s circle of support. Attendees will practice techniques for uplifting and empowering women colleagues through mentorship, sponsorship, and allyship. The session will instill the mindset that your success can elevate others while their success lifts you higher.

Learning Objectives :

  • Clarify personal and professional goals using visioning frameworks
  • Learn how to build/strengthen communal bonds among women colleagues
  • Understand approaches for uplifting women through mentorship and sponsorship
  • Practice techniques to support women leaders while pursuing their own goals
  • Gain skills for creating affirmative professional sisterhoods centered on empowerment

Tyrona Heath

Director, Market Engagement, The B2B Institute, LinkedIn

Denetrias Charlemagne

Denetrias Charlemagne

Director, Cultural Strategy, Walmart


Robin Johnson

Founder, Indie Creator Society

Jordan Budget

Co-Founder, BERG (Black Employee Resource Group)

10:45 AM - 11:45 AM

Health is Wealth: Sales Professional Wellness Journey

Panel Session

The sales profession is fast-paced and demanding, taking a toll on well-being. Join us for an uplifting session focused on health, wellness, and self-care for sales professionals. Hear first-hand from sales leaders across different industries as they share their own journeys and lessons learned in prioritizing holistic health amid high-pressure jobs. Gain insights on work-life balance, stress management, nutrition, fitness, and cultivating overall well-being. The panelists will offer tips, best practices, and inspiration for making positive changes and sustaining a healthy lifestyle throughout your sales career. You’ll walk away motivated and equipped with strategies to improve mental, physical, and emotional health as you strive for excellence in sales and life.

Learning Objectives :

  • Assess your current lifestyle habits and identify opportunities for improvement
  • Learn research-based wellness strategies for physical, mental and emotional health
  • Set goals and make an action plan for better work-life alignment
  • Understand techniques for managing stress and energy more effectively
  • Gain skills to cultivate focus, resilience, and longevity in demanding sales careers
Sophia George

Sophia George

Associate Director, Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Centre

Simmone Taitt

Simmone Taitt

Founder, Poppy Seed Health

Ashley Banks-modified

Ashley Banks

SVP, Revenue, Group Black

08:30 AM - 10:30 AM

SIS Annual Summit - The State of Sales

Opening Keynote

Sheryl Grant is a mentor, speaker, networking specialist, business development consultant and the Founder and CEO of Sheryl Grant International (SGI) , a company focused on transformation from the inside out through its flagship platform, FIT for Life. In addition to 30 years as an Executive in Silicon Valley specializing in Sales & Strategic Partnerships (generating more than 500 million dollars for fortune 100 companies), Sheryl currently serves as the Vice-Chair of the Board of Directors for the Oakland African American Chamber of Commerce, who raised more than $1 Million to support Black Businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic. Most recently, she served as the Executive Director of the Global Women’s Leadership Network (Now ‘How Women Lead’), that brought 20 women social entrepreneurs from 19 countries to Silicon Valley for annual leadership, networking, entrepreneurship training, and to secure funding from Bay Area investors and VCs.

Key Activities :

  • Registration as well as Grab & Go Breakfast
  • Meet the SIS Team and other Senior Members in Sales.
  • Get exposed to the value that will be communicated by our keynote

Sheryl Grant

CEO & Founder, Sheryl Grant International

02:30 PM - 03:00 PM

Sales Manager Talks: Deep and Personal

Workshop Session

This interactive workshop will feature courageous sales managers sharing vulnerable stories and insights. The transparent speakers will dive deep into personal accounts of overcoming challenges, learning from failures, and leading teams through authenticity. Attendees will gain powerful perspectives on leveraging individual strengths, reinventing leadership styles, and managing with empathy. The workshop will inspire honest reflection and discussion on bringing one’s whole self to sales management.

Learning Objectives :

  • Gain insights from sales leaders’ personal stories of resilience and growth
  • Understand techniques for overcoming setbacks and reinventing approaches
  • Learn how to lead teams with authenticity and empathy
  • Feel empowered to bring your unique strengths to their management roles
  • Be inspired to boldly chart your own fulfilling paths as sales managers

Delina Anderson

Director of Sales, Astound Business Solutions


Katherine Chavesl

Latin America Data & AI Specialist Manager SMC, Microsoft

image (3)-modified

Danielle Guadeloupe-Rojas

Director, Strategic Corporate Partnerships, Opportunity@Work

02:30 PM - 03:00 PM

Account Executive Talks: Deep and Personal

Workshop Session

This interactive workshop will showcase brave account executives sharing vulnerable stories and insights. The presenters will dive deep into personal accounts of overcoming obstacles, learning from mistakes, and driving growth through authenticity. Attendees will gain powerful perspectives on playing to individual strengths, knowing when to reinvent strategies, and selling with empathy. The workshop will inspire honest reflection and discussion on bringing one’s whole self to account management.

Learning Objectives :

  • Gain insights from account leaders’ personal stories of resilience and growth
  • Understand techniques for overcoming setbacks and reinventing approaches
  • Learn how to sell with authenticity and empathy to drive loyalty
  • Feel empowered to bring your unique strengths and experiences to your roles
  • Be inspired to boldly chart your own fulfilling paths as account executives

02:30 PM - 03:00 PM

Customer Success Talks: Deep and Personal

Workshop Session

This interactive workshop will feature rapid-fire talks from customer success leaders diving deep into personal stories and insights. The brave presenters will share vulnerable accounts of overcoming adversity, learning from failures, and driving growth through authenticity. Attendees will gain powerful perspectives on leveraging individual strengths, knowing when to reinvent yourself, and leading with empathy. The workshop will inspire honest reflection and discussion on bringing one’s whole self to customer success.

Learning Objectives :

  • Gain insights from customer success leaders’ personal stories of resilience and growth
  • Understand techniques for overcoming setbacks and reinventing oneself
  • Learn how to lead with authenticity and empathy to drive customer loyalty
  • Feel empowered to bring your unique strengths and experiences to your roles
  • Be inspired to boldly chart your own fulfilling paths as customer success professional

Marie Davies

Regional Vice President - Customer Success, Outreach

Alexanderia Parish

Alexanderia Parish

Manager of Customer Success, Motive

Brittani Baker

Brittani Baker

Senior Customer Success Manager, LinkedIn

03:15 PM - 03:45 PM

Elevate your Sales Game: How to Receive and Action Feedback

Workshop Session

The Elevate Your Sales Game workshop session will provide sales professionals with insights and strategies for optimizing performance through feedback. Expert panelists will discuss best practices for receiving feedback, both positive and constructive, and translating it into sales success. Attendees will learn how to cultivate a growth mindset, identify opportunities for improvement, and implement changes to exceed sales quotas. The session will examine strategies for delivering effective peer feedback and creating a collaborative, high-performing sales culture. Participants will gain actionable takeaways to continually hone their selling skills.

Learning Objectives :

  • Understand techniques for receiving feedback objectively and with a growth mentality
  • Learn how to identify constructive feedback and self-evaluate selling skills/approaches
  • Gain insights into delivering meaningful peer feedback and creating a collaborative sales team
  • Discover best practices for translating feedback into measurable sales improvements
  • Leave equipped to leverage feedback to reach higher levels of sales excellence
michelle awuku-tatum

Michelle Awuku-Tatum

Executive & Team Coach, myfactor Coaching and Consulting

05:00 PM - 05:45 PM

Breaking the Glass Ceiling: Rising Star Panel

Panel Session

Shatter limitations and accelerate your sales career by gaining insights from the brightest rising stars in the field. In this dynamic panel, hear first-hand stories of how young sales professionals are breaking the mold and blazing trails early in their careers. Learn their tips and tactics for developing critical sales skills, leveraging strengths, overcoming obstacles, managing key relationships, and setting yourself apart from the pack. Gain valuable perspective on how to navigate company politics, advocate for yourself, and get on the fast-track to sales leadership roles. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to take your sales career to new heights, this session will inspire you with actionable takeaways you can implement to maximize your potential. Our panelists will share their vision for the future and how the next generation of diverse sales talent can work collectively to break barriers and lift the profession.

Learning Objectives :

  • Learn from the experiences and career trajectories of women rising stars
  • Gain strategies for breaking barriers, finding mentors, and developing leadership skills
  • Understand methods for building strategic networks and vocalizing ideas with courage
  • Discover techniques for overcoming imposter syndrome and promoting inclusivity
  • Be motivated to achieve leadership roles, elevate other women, and challenge the status quo

Natasha Arrington

Director, Sales Strategy, Workday

04:15 PM - 04:45 PM

Manufacturing Roundtable presented by Honeywell


This manufacturing roundtable presented by Honeywell will examine emerging trends, technologies, and best practices for driving sales within the manufacturing industry. Experts will discuss capitalizing on developments like IoT, digital transformation, and sustainability to help manufacturing clients gain competitive advantage. Attendees will collaborate on sales strategies tailored to the manufacturing sector including security, operational efficiency, and data-driven insights. Participants will gain insights to help advance their manufacturing sales.

Learning Objectives :

  • Explore manufacturing sales opportunities with Honeywell experts
  • Discuss latest industry developments, innovations, and client needs
  • Strategize approaches for conveying value of solutions to manufacturing prospects
  • Gain insights to advance manufacturing industry sales

04:15 PM - 04:45 PM

Strategies for Success in Cloud & Cybersecurity Sales


Join Palo Alto Network professionals for an exclusive round table discussion tailored for mid to executive-level sales professionals in the cloud and cybersecurity sectors.


Eden Tesfay

Prisma Cloud Solutions Architect, Palo Alto Networks


Shanikqua Burks

Prisma Cloud Solutions Architect, Palo Alto Networks


Elizabeth Santos

Prisma Cloud Sales Specialist, Palo Alto Networks

04:15 PM - 04:45 PM

Future Sales Skills: Crypto and Web3


This forward-focused roundtable will explore the sales skills and knowledge needed to capitalize on emerging technologies like cryptocurrency, NFTs, and web3. Experts will discuss staying ahead of the curve and developing competencies to advise clients on new decentralized models and digital assets. Attendees will collaborate on strategies for continually upskilling to meet the demands of the next frontier of sales. The session will provide sales professionals an opportunity to shape their readiness for the future.

Learning Objectives :

  • Discuss the impacts of cryptocurrency, NFTs, web3 on sales
  • Strategize how to develop expertise on new technologies and paradigms
  • Share knowledge and perspectives on the evolving sales landscape
  • Gain insights into upskilling techniques and resources
  • Collaborate with peers on embracing change and future capabilities
  • Leave better prepared to navigate the next wave of sales

03:15 PM - 03:45 PM

Using AI in Sales Strategies to Accelerate Growth

Workshop Session

This interactive workshop will demonstrate how to leverage AI and automation to boost sales strategies and revenue growth. The hands-on session will showcase AI-enabled tools for qualifying leads, personalizing outreach, optimizing campaigns, and more. Attendees will gain insights from sales and AI experts on integrating analytics and predictive intelligence to uncover new opportunities. Participants will leave with actionable strategies for implementing AI to save time, increase productivity, and accelerate sales cycle velocity.

Learning Objectives :

  • Learn best practices for incorporating AI into sales workflows
  • Understand how to use AI for lead prioritization,next-best actions, forecasting
  • Practice with AI-powered sales tools hands-on
  • Strategize how to optimize sales processes with automation
  • Gain implementation strategies to scale AI adoption across sales teams
  • Discover how to leverage AI and analytics for rapid sales growth
Susan Black

Susan Black

Founder & CEO @ Wowzitude

05:45 PM - 06:30 PM

Closing Keynote


Dr. Juliet Ehimuan is a renowned tech industry leader with over 25 years of experience, including a remarkable 12-years at Google, primarily as Director for West Africa. She established and expanded Google’s presence in Nigeria and the wider West Africa region, fostering innovation and strategic partnerships. Juliet is a respected thought leader, coach, and advocate for personal excellence and leadership development. She was named by Forbes as one of the top 20 power women in Africa, by the London Business School as one of 30 people changing the world; and featured in the BBC Africa Power Women series, and on CNN Innovate Africa.

Session Overview:

Bringing the event to an inspiring close with a final keynote focused on the future. The closing keynote speaker will synthesize key learnings, themes, and ideas from across conference sessions. She will discuss how attendees can take these insights to drive progress in their organizations and industries. This uplifting presentation will motivate participants to be agents of change as they return to their professional roles re-energized. Attendees will leave with a renewed sense of purpose, community, and empowerment to create meaningful impact. The closing keynote will be the perfect grand finale to an engaging shared experience.


Juliet Ehimuan

Founder, Beyond Limits | Immediate Past Director, Google West Africa

01:15 PM - 02:15 PM

SIStory: Living Legacies (Executive Business Panel)

Panel Session

Women of color have made significant contributions to the business world, and their legacies continue to inspire and empower future generations. In this panel discussion, we’ll hear from successful women of color in executive positions who are living legacies in their industries. Our panelists will share their stories, insights, and strategies for navigating the challenges of leadership and building a legacy that will last. Join us for an inspiring and informative conversation about living legacies in executive business.

Learning Objectives :

  • Learn from the experiences and life stories of pioneering business leaders
  • Understand how the panelists harnessed adversity and drove purpose-led innovation
  • Gain perspectives on leadership, entrepreneurship, and creating living legacies
  • Discover how to lead with authenticity, compassion, and community impact
  • Be inspired to make your own indelible mark on your organizations and fields

Tunisia Sharpe

Manager Partnerships, Pinterest


Jackie McKinley

U.S. Area Enterprise Sales Leader, NetApp


Angela Stewart

Vice President of Corporate Systems, Nasdaq


Delores Bennett Rochester

Group Vice President, North America Cloud Infrastructure Sales, Services & Hospitality, Oracle

08:30 AM - 10:30 AM

SIS Annual Summit - The State of Sales

Welcome Session

Welcome to the SIS annual summit, where we examine the current landscape and future outlook of the sales profession. Sessions will explore the latest sales techniques, technologies, and strategies needed to exceed goals and drive revenue in today’s dynamic business environment. Expert speakers will share research, insights, and proven best practices to help sales professionals and leaders adapt to changes in buyer behavior, market forces, and more. Attendees will gain an in-depth understanding of the evolving state of sales and actionable takeaways to improve sales performance.

Key Activities :

  • Registration as well as Grab & Go Breakfast
  • Meet the SIS Team and other Senior Members in Sales.
  • Get exposed to the value that will be communicated by our keynote.

Denise Malloy

SVP-Chief Belonging Officer, Walmart


Chantel George

Chief Executive Officer, Sistas In Sales

05:00 PM - 09:40 PM

Gala: SIS Power 100 List Honoree Dinner

Honoree Dinner

The Sistas in Sales Power 100 List Gala Dinner will honor the top 100 women leaders excelling in sales named to Sistas In Sales’ annual ranking. This prestigious event celebrates women driving innovation, relationships, and revenue in the field of sales. Attendees will gain insights into the accomplishments of sales’ leading  professionals and connect with the honorees shaping the future. The evening will feature a reception, dinner, awards ceremony, and opportunities for networking.

Key Activities :

  • Recognize and celebrate the recipients of the Sistas in Sales Power 100 List awards
  • Learn about the contributions of the honorees advancing the sales profession
  • Gain insights into leading developments and innovations in sales
  • Network and connect with sales’ top women leaders and influencers
  • Be inspired by the professionals driving progress in sales strategies, solutions, and services

10:15 AM - 11:15 AM

Leadership: State of the Customer: A Leader's Perspective

Panel Session

The State of the Customer panel will bring together thought leaders and executives to discuss the evolving landscape of customer engagement. As consumer behavior and expectations shift, organizations must adapt to new channels, technologies, and strategies to deliver exceptional experiences. Attendees will gain an understanding of leading trends reshaping the customer experience and walk away with actionable strategies to meet rising customer demands.

Learning Objectives :

  • Learn about recent research and insights into changing customer preferences, habits, and expectations
  • Understand leading trends and innovations shaping the future of customer engagement
  • Hear perspectives from executives across industries on the evolving state of the customer
  • Gain actionable strategies and best practices for improving customer experience amidst an increasingly complex consumer environment

Chantel George

Chief Executive Officer, Sistas In Sales


Michelle Vincent

Global CEO, MoFilm


Neera Desai

Head of Sales, nZero


Rose-Anne Tifre

Chief Revenue Officer, Latino Media Network

09:00 AM - 10:00 AM

(Invite Only) Leadership Summit Presented by Google: Introduction & Opening Fireside Chat

Welcome Session

Welcome to the Google Leadership Sales Summit—an extraordinary gathering fueled by the aspirations of our esteemed Senior Leaders, uniting to exchange ideas and explore emerging technologies that can have a profound impact on our business and Sales teams. 

Key Activities :

  • Meet the Google Team and other Senior Members in Sales.
  • Get exposed to the different valuable lessons and insights that the speakers have learned throughout their career journey.
  • Interact with speaker whose opinions, ideas, and stories will provide value to you.

Jessica Guerrero

Global Head of Cloud DEI, Google


Jennifer Meacham

Retail Strategist and Sales Specialist, Google


Brittan Bright King

Head of Industry, Google

05:00 PM - 06:00 PM

Advancing your Career: Networking, ERG Groups, and Mentorship

Panel Session

Join us at LinkedIn NYC Headquarters for panels on the information you need to start your Sales Career. This panel session will expose you to topics on the importance of community, how networking outside of your 9-5 can help your career, and how to find a mentor. You will also be exposed to the different ERGs you can be a part of that can help you thrive, as well as the wins or benefits that networking affords you.

Learning Objectives :

  • Understanding how to find your tribe
  • Knowing how to leverage others for success

April Marks

Strategic Account Executive, GitLab


Maceo Owens

Senior Program Manager, Kayak

File (1)-modified

Emmanuella Duroska

Manager, NYC Department of Youth & Community Development


Jessy Jacques

Senior Partner Manager, LinkedIn

04:00 PM - 05:00 PM

Building your Personal Brand As a New Seller

Panel Session

Join us at LinkedIn NYC Headquarters for panels on the information you need to start your Sales Career! This panel session will expose you to topics on how you can break into sales, how to grow your sales career, and how to build your personal brand. You will also about learn the importance of networking, how to keep informed about the sales industry, and the many sales baddies that you can follow.

Learning Objectives :

  • Importance of personal brand
  • How to climb the sales ladder as a young professional
  • Storytelling and helping other WOC

Kayla Burke

Enterprise Sales Specialist, Microsoft


Diana De Jesus

Founder, The Customer Success Project


Yrbenka Arthus

Creator Manager, LinkedIn

10:45 AM - 11:45 AM

Future Forward & The Impact of the Sales Industry

Panel Session

The sales landscape is rapidly evolving. Join us for an engaging discussion exploring the future of the sales profession and how we can drive positive impact. Our diverse panel of sales leaders will share their insights on emerging technologies, shifting buyer expectations, new sales models, and skills needed to thrive in tomorrow’s selling environment. We’ll explore how sales professionals can adapt to change while upholding ethics and values. You’ll come away with an inspiring vision and practical strategies to future-proof your sales career.

Learning Objectives :

  • Learn about the latest innovations and technologies disrupting sales
  • Understand how advancements in AI, analytics, automation and more are impacting the sales role
  • Gain perspectives on new sales enablement strategies and capabilities needed for the future
  • Discover best practices for change management and sales team development
  • Leave with insights and ideas to ready their sales organization for the future and drive results
Rashida Hodge-modified

Rashida Hodge

VP, Azure Data and AI | Customer Success, Microsoft

Todd Minor_23-06-06_0695-modified

Todd Minor

General Manager, MCAPS Academy, Microsoft


Danielle Estrada

General Manager Consulting Services, Microsoft

Mike Jackson-modified

Mike Jackson

GM and Head of CELA Compliance & Ethics Governance, Microsoft

04:15 PM - 04:45 PM

Love and Business Part Two

Workshop Session

As women of color in sales, we often struggle to balance our personal and professional lives. In this empowering 30-minute workshop, gain insights on maintaining healthy relationships while thriving in your sales career. Hear fellow professionals share their experiences balancing love and business, managing stress, and setting boundaries to find success in all aspects of life. Learn research-backed techniques for cultivating self-care, joy, and community support. Discover strategies for resolving conflict, optimizing your time, and achieving work-life balance. You’ll leave feeling inspired and equipped with practical tips to nurture your relationships and reach your full potential at home, at work, and beyond.

Learning Objectives :

  • Gain perspectives on infusing love, compassion and empathy into business
  • Learn benefits of prioritizing people, wellness, and purpose over profits
  • Understand how vulnerability, care and authenticity drives growth
  • Identify ways to nurture staff, create belonging, and lead with heart
  • Leave motivated to cultivate more humanity and connection in their roles

04:15 PM - 04:45 PM

Community Activism: Our Responsibility

Workshop Session

Join us for an inspiring call to action on civic engagement. In this workshop, we’ll explore why community activism matters and how we can leverage our voices to drive change. Learn tips for identifying causes aligned with your values and making an impact at the grassroots level. Gain skills to champion change in your neighborhood, company, or broader community through canvassing, organizing events, contacting local officials, and more. Walk away motivated with concrete ways to get involved, from one-time volunteer events to long-term advocacy roles. Uplifted by stories of everyday heroes, you’ll leave empowered to start your activist journey. The time is now to raise our voices together and activate our power for the common good.

Learning Objectives :

  • Understand the deep intersections between business and community
  • Learn best practices for community engagement and social activism
  • Strategize potential partnerships with nonprofits and local organizations
  • Identify causes aligned with your corporate values and personal passions
  • Leave motivated to amplify your influence for positive social change

Kathleen Adams

VP, Strategy, Lippe Taylor / Co-Owner, Angel of Harlem

Monique Melton

Monique Melton

Founder, Shine Bright School and Shine Brighter Together Community

04:15 PM - 04:45 PM

Imposter Syndrome: Slaying the Beast

Workshop Session

This empowering session will provide frameworks for overcoming imposter syndrome and tapping into your inner warrior. Expert will discuss root causes of fraudulent feelings and strategies to silence the inner critic. Through guided exercises, attendees will identify negative thought patterns and limiting beliefs and replace them with affirming mantras to build confidence. The session will equip professionals with skills to overcome self-doubt, recognize their value, and maximize their potential.

Learning Objectives :

  • Understand the roots of imposter syndrome and identifying triggers
  • Learn techniques to counteract negative self-talk and inner critic
  • Practice exercises to replace doubts with empowering affirmations
  • Gain skills to recognize talents, build self-confidence, and take risks
  • Leave feeling emboldened to slay imposter syndrome and actualize their potential

'Tine Zekis, M.Ed.

Founder & CEO, Getting Black Women Paid

03:15 PM - 03:45 PM

Finances: Commission Checks to Destination Millionaire

Growth mindset Session

This empowering financial session led by top advisor Cedric Nash will provide sales professionals the strategies needed to build generational wealth. Attendees will learn best practices for budgeting, reducing debt, investing for the long-term, and establishing multiple income streams beyond commission checks. The session will give professionals actionable fiscal blueprints tailored to sales roles with variable earning potential. Leave equipped to achieve new levels of financial freedom.

Learning Objectives :

  • earn wealth creation strategies tailored to sales earning models
  • Understand techniques for budgeting, eliminating debt, and lowering expenses
  • Gain insights into investing wisely for long-term financial growth
  • Discover how to create new income streams outside of commission checks
  • Leave empowered to achieve greater fiscal control and build generational wealth
image (1)-modified

Cedric Nash

President and Chief Executive Officer, Oakland Consulting / Author & Wealth Coach

03:15 PM - 03:45 PM

Sales Creators: How to Become One

Growth mindset Session

Learn how to become a sales creator and transform from order taker to trusted advisor. In this hands-on workshop, gain strategies used by the world’s top influencers in complex B2B sales to change mindsets through thought leadership, develop intellectual property, and build consultative value propositions. Discover how to create content, implement new methodologies, and develop products that disrupt status quos and drive exponential sales growth. You’ll walk away with a framework to build your personal brand, publish your ideas, monetize your insights, and build a community of followers. If you’re ready to step into your sales genius and achieve rapid growth, this workshop provides the exclusive playbook to become an elite sales creator.

Learning Objectives :

  • Learn the distinguishing qualities and habits of sales creators
  • Understand how creators stay curious, set bold visions, and forge new paths
  • Gain strategies for developing creative mastery and purpose-driven relationships
  • Discover how to cultivate resilience and bring originality to sales roles
  • Leave energized and equipped to thrive as visionary sales creators
Ashley Keimach

Ashley Keimach

Sr. Sales Specialist, Business Applications, Microsoft

02:30 PM - 03:00 PM

Selling DEI Internally - Championing for Change Sponsored by Walmart Connect

Breakout Session

This insightful session sponsored by Walmart Connect will explore strategies for building an internal case and gaining buy-in for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives. Experts will share their experiences and advice on effectively pitching the value of DEI programs, securing executive sponsorship, and rallying cross-functional partners using data-driven insights. Attendees will collaborate and role play tactics for addressing resistance, concerns and objections. The session will equip change agents with the tools to build diverse, equitable, and inclusive cultures

Learning Objectives :

  • Learn how to make a compelling business case for DEI using data
  • Understand techniques for securing executive sponsors as allies
  • Gain strategies for influencing hearts, minds and behaviors across the organization
  • Discover best practices for implementing and tracking DEI programming
  • Leave empowered with skills to drive cultural change and inclusion
Anjana Melvin

Anjana Melvin

Strategy & Business Development- DE&I, Walmart Connect

Ben Keith

Ben Keith

Strategy and Business Development Manager - Diversity, Equity & Inclusion; Walmart Connect


Jessie Spellman

Global Director Diversity Equity and Inclusion, Walmart

02:30 PM - 03:00 PM

Personal Brand: Getting what you want and more

Breakout Session

This session will provide frameworks and strategies for creating a compelling personal brand that accelerates career growth. Experts will discuss techniques for identifying and articulating your unique value, aligning brand with life purpose, and consistently showcasing your differentiation. Attendees will learn tactics for expanding their sphere of influence online and off through strategic networking and thought leadership. The session will give professionals actionable tools to establish a personal brand that opens doors to new opportunities.

Learning Objectives :

  • Learn techniques for clarifying and communicating  your unique value
  • Understand how to align personal brand with life purpose and passion
  • Gain strategies for expanding your network and spotlighting strengths
  • Discover tactics for developing thought leadership and industry influence
  • Leave with a personal brand roadmap that unlocks growth opportunities
Dreena Whitfield

Dreena Whitfield-Brown

Founder & CEO, WhitPR

02:30 PM - 03:00 PM

Job Searching: Recruiter AMA

Breakout Session

Join us for an empowering workshop tailored to women of color in sales who are seeking to enhance their job search strategies. In this 30-minute session, we will provide you with valuable insights and practical tips to optimize your job-hunting journey. From identifying opportunities to acing interviews, we’ll explore effective techniques to improve your job search and secure your dream role. Join us to elevate your job search and unlock new possibilities in your career.

Learning Objectives :

  • Get candid insights from recruiters on best practices for job hunting
  • Ask experts questions to optimize resumes, interviews, networking and negotiations
  • Learn insider tips for evaluating job opportunities and offers
  • Gain a recruiter’s perspective on what makes candidates stand out
  • Acquire actionable strategies to boost your professional brand and job search effectiveness
Kim (Kim Huey) Steiner

Kim (Kim Huey) Steiner

Vice President, Fource Recruiting

Steve George

Steve George

Principal, SFG Consultants, Inc.

06:30 PM - 7:30 PM

Happy Hour Sponsored by Microsoft

Happy Hour

Unwind after the first day of the Summit at a happy hour sponsored by Microsoft. Enjoy complimentary appetizers, drinks, and good company in a relaxed atmosphere. Take advantage of Microsoft’s sponsorship to continue the day’s conversations and make new connections with your peers. This is the perfect opportunity to strengthen existing relationships and start building your professional network over drinks. Come ready to have fun and leave with new contacts and insights from Microsoft that you can immediately apply when you’re back in the office.

Todd Minor_23-06-06_0695-modified

Hosted by Todd Minor

02:45 AM - 03:45 AM

Leadership: Building your Future

Panel Session

This session will examine the core competencies needed to become an effective, inspirational leader. Panelists will share their experiences and advice on critical leadership topics including driving innovation, leading change, developing high-performing teams, and managing through uncertainty. Audience members will gain insights into leadership best practices that empower organizations and people to thrive. The discussion will provide attendees with an actionable leadership blueprint to help shape their professional growth.

Learning Objectives :

  • Understand the essential skills and mindsets of influential leaders
  • Learn best practices for leading change, driving innovation, and developing winning teams
  • Gain insights into navigating uncertainty and complexity as a leader
  • Discover actionable strategies for continual leadership development and career advancement
  • Be inspired and equipped to become more effective, purpose-driven leaders

Jennifer Oki

Global DEI Strategic Advisor and Operations Lead, Google


Lisa Francoeur

Co-Founder, Crypto Tutors

07:00 PM - 08:00 PM

Bites, Cocktails and Networking

Closing Session

Connect with peers, speakers, SIS partners, and sales experts through engaging in-person networking.

Key Activities :

  • SIS leader will announce break for cocktails
  • Attendees will have the opportunity to meet with recruiters and leaders
  • SIS to have an official toast to the night for a great group photo
  • SIS will ask 3 people to come up and share feedback about their experience 
  • Professional headshots available
  • SIS will have digital membership forms available – all attendees will get free membership.


Position at Company



Position at Company

06:00 PM - 07:00 PM

Corporate Recruiting Breakout Session: Join SAP, Unilever, Microsoft, Opportunity @ Work to learn about their Sales Academies and roles for Early Talent.

Breakout Session

SIS, there are levels to this! Join us as we introduce you to different workshops with the opportunity to meet recruiters and leaders.

Learning Objectives :

  • Entry-level programs and roles for sales
  • Training and skills learning
  • Setting yourself up for promotion
Todd Minor_23-06-06_0695-modified

Todd Minor

General Manager, Microsoft


Renee Linton Mack

Customer Team Lead, Unilever


Danielle Guadeloupe-Rojas

Director, Strategic Corporate Partnerships, Opportunity@Work


Marc Shuler

Solution Sales Executive, SAP

03:15 PM - 04:00 PM

Getting your Start in Sales: How to get Your Foot in the Door.

CPD / CPE Session

Join us at LinkedIn NYC Headquarters for panels on the information you need to start your Sales Career. We will discuss current job hiring climate, what leaders are looking for when hiring, what has made sales team successful, and negotiating during hiring to get what you deserve

Learning Objectives :

  • Attendees should be able to feel hopeful while on the job hunt
  • Tips on LinkedIn profiles and resumes
  • Understanding of other skills needed to be more attractive to recruiters and business leaders

Shaque'l Wilson

Chief Executive Officer, 6-Figure Chick Consulting


Rochelle (Shelly) Shearlds

Senior Director, Medrio


April Little

Founder, Little Talent Group


Jheryn Kenney

Professional Services, Banking & Insurance Segment Lead, LinkedIn

03:00 PM - 03:15 PM

Check-in: Join us at LinkedIn Headquarters in NYC for a one-day Summit to launch your Sales Career.

Welcome Session

Join us at LinkedIn NYC Headquarters for discussion panels on the information you need to start your Sales Career. This one-day event is packed with panels covering essential topics on how to Get Started in Sales, How to Show Up Professionally Online, while making real connections with recruiters who are searchng for Early Talent, Career Switchers and New Grads. Sistas in Sales is proud to support the Next Generation of Revenue Leaders!

Key Activities :

  • SIS Team members will greet each attendee and distribute name badges, event totes, and programs
  • A SIS leader will conduct opening remarks welcoming all attendees, sponsors, and special guests
  • Light refreshments will be made available during this time as attendees check in and get settled
  • Professional headshots will also be available

Hosted by Aries Webb-Williams



Position at Company