Happy Birthday SISta Edition: Our Founder & CEO, Chantel N. George!

Chantel Nicole George was born in the Bronx, NY to Dominican (Do-mee-NEE-can) parents who taught her at an early age to be a strong and assertive woman. The strength they taught her would help her cope when she lost her mother to breast cancer when she was only 9 years old. This experience would help shape Chantel into the bold, strong-willed entrepreneur she is today.

In honor of keeping her mother’s legacy alive, and to bring more awareness to cancer in the Caribbean, in 2013 Chantel volunteered in Dominica for The North-South Breast Cancer Initiative Workshop. As an advocate for change, it was, and still is very important to Chantel to be a part of a mission that helps to bring exposure to not only breast cancer but all the cancers that have attacked loved ones in the Caribbean.

Chantel volunteering in Dominica at The North-South Breast Cancer Initiative Workshop in 2013.

Outside of Ms. George being a change agent, in 2011, Chantel created her first business called, “Chantel’s Hair Creations.” This business venture opened doors within the fashion industry, and with her keen eye for opportunity, she was able to experience Fashion Week in NYC as a hairstylist! After being bitten by the entrepreneurial bug, Chantel realized that she can do anything she puts her mind to.

After a few years of working in the fashion & beauty industry, Chantel decided to put her hairstyling business on hold and venture into the sales industry as a successful sales professional. Over the past 5 years, she has worked for companies such as Yelp, Justworks, and currently, Dataminr as an Enterprise Account Executive. While working in sales, Chantel noticed a deficiency when it came to women of color in professional sales positions, therefore she decided to alter the industry by creating “Sistas in Sales” (SIS) at the beginning of 2018.

Chantel states, “Ever since I was young, I’ve always been selling, but I never predicted I would end up being a professional salesperson. From selling piano lessons to the neighborhood kids, to movie tickets as a teen, to now technology to the Fortune 500.” Chantel has come a long way! She did not settle for but instead chose to disrupt the sales culture and narrative surrounding women of color in the sales industry.

Ms. George is a woman that does not let any of life’s challenges hold her back from accomplishing any of her God-given dreams but instead forges towards them with a vengeance. One of the many things I love about Chantel is that she wants to take people along with her on her journey towards success. She is not selfish with her knowledge but very selfless, and when she puts her mind to something, no matter what the obstacles faced, she will get it done!

Chantel truly believes in the power of sisterhood! She has built a community filled with women from across the country in the profession of sales. These women now have a resource to rely on and connect with. Due to being raised in a single parent household as the only child, Chantel has been determined to never have another woman walk alone in their journey towards success as she had to do at the beginning of her career. She now has many SIStas she can reach out to through SIS.

Outside of being a sales Superwoman, Chantel loves to cook, wine & dine at nice restaurants, travel, and spend quality time with her family, friends, and boyfriend. To learn more about her adventures with SIS, follower her using the handle @sistasinsales, and to follow her and her travel adventures, use the handle @chantelmedia.

Chantel, keep up the amazing work you are doing. You are leaving an amazing footprint in this world and it is so inspiring to watch your growth. I am blessed to call you not only my friend but my Sista!


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