News, Trends & Resources: June 3, 2022

News, Trends & Resources: June 3, 2022

TRENDS: USA Today: 2 years after George Floyd pledges, Black women still denied top jobs at largest companies. This is why.

USA Today analyzes why Black women are not able to break into executive teams and boardrooms – includes a contribution from SIS supporter Bonita Stewart, VP of Global Partnerships at Google  

NEWS: Fortune: Number of women running Fortune 500 companies reaches a record high

For the first time, a Black founder has made the Fortune 500 list, and it also features two Black women for the second year running. 

TRENDS: Black Enterprise: Black owned and operated accessories brand celebrates milestone

Harper Ray Accessories CEO, Gillian Bradley celebrates surpassing her goal of earning $100,000 in one day.

RESOURCE: Visible Hands: Virtual 20 Week Fellowship for Latinx  founders (VHLX) partners with Google for Startups

Google has teamed up with Visible Hands to provide Latinx founders $10,000 infunding to help kickstart their idea. Application Deadline: June 24, 2022.

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